Friday, April 29, 2011

March Madness!

So as some of you might already knows, I hate Shane's truck!  In 2004 he turned in our Nissan clunker for a new 2005 Dodge Ram 1500.  I DID NOT WANT TO BUY THIS TRUCK!  But Shane insisted he needed it for work and so he went along and bought it anyways, and I did not co-sign.  Ever since we bought it, it's been a pain in my butt.  From the price of gas to fill it up, to costly repairs, it's been more of a money eater then a money maker!

So this past march, we noticed a leak coming out of the bottom of the truck.  Come to find out, it was a lead from our coolant, which was leaking right onto our motor!  We didn't have it looked at it in time, so by the time we did, the motor was shot and needed to be replaced with a new one, that would cost us a whopping $5000!  And to make matters worst, just A WEEK before this happened, we put about $1500 into in with new tires, a new windshield (the current one had a crack that ran completely from one end to the other), a new back window (someone tried to break in and shattered the back middle piece of the window, but of course the entire thing needed to be replaced), and maintenance.  I was livid when i heard what it would cost to repair it!

So we had some decisions to make.  Do we save up money to have it repaired?  Do we sell it?  Nope.  Because the balance on the truck was still around $9000 we didn't see the point in either and decided to instead, have it repo'd, auctioned off, and then we would be left with the balance.  At first I was pissed, but actually I'm quite happy about it.  I get the get it off our hands (which I wanted from the beginning), no more monthly payments, and a small debt that will probably equal the amount the repair would have cost us.  All in all, I think it was a blessing in disguise!

So we went ahead and bought a Toyota 4x4 from our sister Truly, who just moved back to Hawaii and was selling her car anyways.  It turned out better in the end because Shane's truck wasn't a 4x4, and where he works in Park City, you really can't go much places without one.  It'll be hard for Shane to say goodbye to "The Beast!" but I'm saying, "ALOHA BEAST!" with a huge smile and welcoming our new 4x4 with open arms!

Goodbye to "The Beast"

Hello 4x4

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthdays and VEGAS!

February is a very busy month for our family!  My birthday is the end of January, Shane's birthday is fiver days after that, and Norah's is the second week of February!  Not to mention valentine's day, it's crazy and money runs really tight!  So this year Shane and I decided to do it a little more low key then normal.  Norah invited her best friends/cousins over for a slumber party, ordered pizza from costco, played some games, and opened a bunch of presents.  She was so excited to have her friends Matia and Chloe there from our old ward in Provo!  This year we spent the least money on her birthday but she had the BEST time ever!
(pictures coming soon)

After Norah's birthday Shane was invited to go to Vegas with his boss Russ to watch the races.  This gave me a great idea... Why not go with him and stay with my BFF Leslie?  Oh I was so excited!  So we left the girls with my parents of course and took that 5 hour drive down to Vegas.  As soon as we got there, Shane left me with Leslie and headed to the new Plazzo Hotel to meet up with his coworkers and boss.

I didn't waste no time!  Me and Les caught up for a little bit and immediately got dolled up and hit the town of Vegas!  We went to Cadillac Ranch and Blue Martini, and we had a blast dancing the night away!  I also met a pretty cool chick name Nicki Manaj, I mean Ashlie Buscit who lives in Vegas also and is good friends with Leslie.  Kylie love, Leslie's Fiance, was our schofer/dj for the weekend and was such a sweet heart!  Seeing him and Leslie together made me so excited for their wedding!  They were made for each other!!!!!  Anyways we gambled a little, danced a lot, ate a lot, but most of all were able to get away and celebrate our birthdays and valentines all in one weekend!  I wouldn't of had it any other way!

We were excited beyond words!

My new friend Ashlie, Me, and MyLeslie at the Bellagio 

We found these chairs in a hawaiian bbq place in Vagas!  We thought it was so funny!
Mz New Booty!

She couldn't resist! 

He cracks me up!  (Get it?  Cracks? lol)

Met the one and only Wanderle Silva on our way into Blue Martini.  Thanks to Kylie, I wouldn't even have recognized him! lol

Don't worry mom, it's a Virgin! ;)

Us Ladies!

When we finally met up the last night, we both enjoyed the water show in front the Bellagio Hotel!

Inside the Bellagio hotel, it was Chinese New Years as their theme!  Totally perfect right? lol

Thanks to my new friend Ashlie, I couldn't resist buying coach in Vegas! And yes, it's REAL!

Me and my love!  He was so tired but I made him come out with us!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bringing in 2011

New years eve was not much different from Christmas.  Spent at my parent's house, we pigged out, sang more karaoke, and cheers the new year in with apple cider.  The kids spent most the night blasting Taran's cd of fast songs and dancing the night away.  Trustin was doing the soljah boy all night long!  Funny stuff!

Christmas Day

Christmas was spent at my parent's house in Cedar Hills of course.  My mom made us go caroling around the neighbor hood just like when we were little, and we spent the rest of the day laying around the house, singing karaoke, talking story, and of course eating.  

As always, I didn't make it to Christmas day with Shane.  I gave him his big present Christmas eve, which was an xbox 360.  He was begging for it for months!

'Til the Season for FAMILY TIME!

Christmas was an ultimate blast this year!  As usual, we went overboard with the girls.  Shane actually came with me this time to black friday, and we got the deals!  Kohls, walmart, cabella's, and kmart were the spots this year.  We decorated our tree as a family as we listened to the Jackson 5 christmas album (A fav!), and I even tried to make some personalized stockings this year!  Not too shabby I think.

The rest of the season was enjoyed with my family of course.  Mom and dad brought the family to our ward Christmas party.  They had such a good time, watching the talent show, grinding good food, and they even hopped on the dance floor when the electric slide came on.  That song, as we discovered this season, is our family signature song!  We had a feast for Christmas and had to rent out Taran's chapel because there just wasn't a house any of us had that was big enough to hold all the Chuns, Olayans, Foalimas, and Whealey's.  Nizhoni out did herself as usual with the decorations and we all enjoyed listening to dad sing his karaoke.  Yes, he actually brought it to the chapel.

Unfortunately this year both Shane and my work's Christmas party landed on the exact same day.  So this year we chose to go with Shane's company, Creative Living Construction, and his boss Russ treated us to a fancy resturant in Park City called Ruth's Chris.  The food was so delicious!  His boss was so awesome, even giving Shane a pretty hefty bonus which was unexpected because he's only been with them a few months.  It was fun to get all dolled up and eat next to a fireplace. 

Christmas Car Pains!

December was a LOT of fun this year... with one exception.  I got into a stinking car accident!  Ugh, it was such a pain!  Just ONE WEEK away from Christmas, after taking my dear friend Siona home from our ward Christmas party, someone whooped a turn while it was snowing hard, lost control and rammed right into me!  I was so afraid because Erykah was in her car seat right on the side where this idiot hit me.  But luckily we were fine, but we had to wait 4 weeks before I got my car back and in the mean time had to drive around a rental (which I didn't mind at all!).  Actually I was glad.  Riding around in the new van made me realize, I loved my piece of junk wayyyyy better!

Time to UPDATE!

Wow!  Life has been soooo busy that I have not been able to update our family blog.  And I feel so bad because we sent out our Christmas cards to all our friends and family inviting them to keep up with us on here, and I have been slacking BIG TIME!  :(

Since NOVEMBER, not much as changed for us.  I am still working at Grandview Family Medicine and absolutely love what I'm doing.  It's so much fun working at the doctor's office that almost all my family goes to, and so far I've given Truly and Elias free services, drawn blood on my big brother Taran, and gave my little niece Mochi her kindergarten shots!  People think I'm nuts, but I love it!  I've also taken on more responsibilities, like reception reminder calls to remind people of their appointments.  I've gotten to work downstairs a little which means I got to use the headphones! :)